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By Derek Eastham

Copyright Derek Eastham July 2014


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Physics at the crossroads

Physics as conceived by Newton is concerned with interactions which preserve causality and conserve energy.

We need to explain two ‘natural’ phenomena within this general framework but we must include Einstein’s special

theory of relativity which was only conceived 230 years after Newton observed the apple fall.

Observation  1-The apple falls from the tree with increasing velocity. Galileo made this more precise by stating that all objects no matter what their mass fell at the same rate.  

Thus V=-GMm/R is inviolate.

The calculation (1) agrees with Newtonian theory when GM/Rc02<<1

but shows a singularity;  a black hole where the escape velocity for matter

is the velocity of light in zero gravity.

Observation  2- A photon can produce an electron-positron pair if its energy is greater than 2mec02 and this threshold energy does not depend on the gravitational field if energy is conserved.

The calculation (1) shows that the blue shift of light (and time dilation) arise because photons have mass according to the special theory of relativity and therefore must gain energy falling in a gravitational field. The black hole radius where the escape velocity for matter is c0 is also where time stops.

It is also apparent (1) that when time slows down then the velocity of light must reduce as it does in the special theory of relativity. Indeed the special theory is based on the Gerdanken experiment that when time stops then light also stops propagating. When time slows down space does not expand –this would mean that space expanded infinitely at the event something which is unreal. See Video

A scientific paper (3) entitled, An Iconoclastic Quantum Gerdanken Experiment (2)  describes the discovery that all the phenomena usually associated with the general theory of relativity are in fact due to the special theory.

Observation 3 -Objects do not move when a gravitational wave passes between them. Objects only move in response to an interaction –this is the basis of classical and quantum mechanics!

It is apparent (2) that if you want to detect gravitational waves you must use a quadruple oscillator B which is tuned to the emission frequency so that the energy stored in the detector is increased by a factor Q. Detector A does not conserve energy. It also demands that space expands and contracts. The latter even defies general relativity because it implies antigravity.

A scientific paper (4) entitled How to Detect Gravity Waves describes this in detail.